Wetland Ecology and Sustainable Drainage


Cross-discipline expertise is a key strength amongst Bioscan staff, and one gap the company aims to actively bridge is between ecology and hydrology. Bioscan staff have an excellent reputation in the assessment, understanding and conservation of wetland ecosystems, with experience that includes specialist ecological surveying and species monitoring, wetland eco-hydrology, restoring wetland environments, and assessments of the wider ecosystem services provided by wetlands.

Across a diverse range of projects, increasingly it is recognised that wetlands provide an opportunity to integrate biodiversity with other benefits. A key area where Bioscan have long-standing experience is in the design of sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) which satisfy drainage, flood risk and water quality criteria but also provide a multiplicity of benefits at negligible additional cost to a project.

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  • Eco-hydrology
  • Integrated Constructed Wetlands
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems
  • Large-scale wetland creation
  • Landscape-scale wetland restoration
  • Ecosystem services
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