Site survey, appraisal and issues identification


Planning applications of all types and scales frequently require supporting information on ecology. This is in order for planning authorities to be able to attach the appropriate degree of weight to probable or possible effects on biodiversity so they can test proposals against the prevailing national and local policy framework.

Commercial developers and managers are also increasingly recognising that there are genuine benefits in assessing the existence and significance of any ecological issues at the earliest phases of project inception. When brought in at the ‘pre-purchase’ stage of site acquisition, or during the early stages of site promotion through the forward planning process, Bioscan are able to translate rapid overview surveys into valuable strategic advice to inform design, siting and masterplanning and minimise the chances of ecology presenting a barrier to consent at later planning stages.

Our breadth of experience in this area enables us to maintain quality of response and output in a wide range of environments, from uplands to coast and from rural areas to urban environments, and also at a range of scales from single properties to extensive tracts of land.

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  • River Corridor and River Habitat Survey
  • Hedgerow and ancient woodland surveys
  • National Vegetation Classification
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  • Rapid walkover surveys
  • Constraints and opportunities analysis
  • Planning advice
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