Habitat restoration, creation, management and condition monitoring


The creation and/or restoration of habitats and their subsequent management is becoming an increasingly important component of development proposals, in line with the integration of the biodiversity action plan process and related legal obligations into mainstream planning, for example through the NPPF and its supporting circulars and the emerging practice of “Biodiversity Offsetting”.

Bioscan have a wealth of experience in the design of habitat restoration or creation schemes, whether in mitigation or compensation for impacts that cannot be avoided, or as an enhancement benefit stemming from development. Our experience covers habitats from limestone grasslands to upland peat bogs, and from large wetland complexes to small-scale heathland and acid grassland creation at the margins of developments.

The production of comprehensive, yet clear, accessible and workable, management plans is crucial to maximising the biodiversity benefits of restored or created habitats, or in securing the continued interest of retained habitats. Bioscan pride themselves on the quality of their management plan outputs, with past experience that ranges from small-scale habitat fragments to large integrated plans for forest holiday villages.

Bioscan also offer a range of services to those already managing important sites or nature reserves, with recent work in the public and charity sectors including monitoring of biodiversity action plan habitats and species, detailed assessments of grassland condition and advice on minimising impact on bat populations from forestry operations.

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