Ecosystem Services


Increasingly, national governments are attempting to define and value the benefits to human well-being provided by healthy and fully functioning ecosystems. These benefits range from clean air and water through to flood alleviation, pollution control and temperature regulation. Less immediately quantifiable benefits include physical and mental health. Particular efforts are being made by policy makers to try and quantify the economic benefits that can flow from a healthy working, living and recreational environment, including regular contact with wildlife and an understanding and appreciation of the natural world.

Bioscan are able to offer expertise to forward thinking public and private sector companies involved in land management in the identification of these ‘ecosystem services’ and advice on how to protect or enhance them. As part of a development project, this can assist with ensuring developments are of high quality and compliant with sustainability criteria, but the company is also well placed to assist at government or corporate policy level in ensuring meaningful and properly targeted engagement in the process of recognising, nurturing and capturing these benefits.

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